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About Kerry

Previous Experience

You can take the girl out of south but you can NEVER take the South out of the girl.. there honestly couldn't be a more truer statement about me... I'm a born and bred south London girl with a little sugar, a lot of spice but generally all things nice I come from a pre dominantly dance background having started dancing from the early age of 7 and have been following that dream ever since until I broke my leg but that's another story... 


I'm someone who likes to have her finger in every pie so since graduating from London Studio Centre in 2010, in addition to being a professional dancer on tv, arena tours and theatre I have acquired work in acting and I'm also a voice over artist voicing for channels such as Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and MTV. I am a vivacious character with a vibrant presence and an infectiously warm smile that lights up any room. 


One of my motto's in life (among others) is 'If you don't ask you don't get' and I feel this bodes well with presenting as I'm fearless and not afraid to say it how it is so trust me when I say that they'll be no bush that I'll ever beat around yet somehow my cute cheeky demeanour enables me to get away with murder.. go figure! My passions lie with entertainment, showbiz news, music, fashion and travel.

  • Aspire TV presenting

  • Theatre shows

  • Move it


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