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Kaya Tiarna Sarah Minton

Professionally trained Musical Theatre performer ready to take on the world of presenting

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Emily Robinson-Hardy

Emily is a fun and bubbly individual with a strong knowledge in a multitude of subjects.

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Emily Roberts

With a passion for mental health wellbeing and entertainment for a younger audience ...

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Caroline Scott

Caroline is an experienced, friendly, Irish television presenter and online creator based in London


Alys Rivers

Alys is friendly, ambitious & outgoing. She is a dedicated performer & presenter with a love for all things travel.


Mandy Aujla

With  strong presenting skills. Specializing in talk shows, everyday TV, reality shows, show-biz entertainment & more

Kerry Boyne tv presenter.png

Kerry Boyne

Best known for CITV. Scrambled Presenter, Kerrry is a Professional Presenter and thrives in the entertainment sector 

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Cerys Anwen Roberts

Cerys is a newcomer to the world of TV,  however she has a great deal of experience in live entertainment presenting and is perfect for a younger audience … 

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Beth Smith

Beth is a warm, confident and engaging presenter who is extremely knowledgeable and passionate with the world of beauty ..

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Georgie Heath

A fun , unique and passionate experienced presenter who is ideal for sports, entertainment and kids tv 

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Debbie Harris

A charismatic and warm lifestyle and craft presenter 

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Fay Greenhalgh

A superb host with a charming personality, suitable for all ages.

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Kate Emma Roome

Kate is a confident outgoing presenter, suitable for all audiences ...


Leah Williams

Passionate, bubbly and dynamic presenter who has also written and produced on various shows.


Kathryn Wilson

Described as an energetic and motivational communicator, keen to raise the important issues that society faces today.


Mick Rowe

natural, charming and warm presenter with an ability to easily connect with people


Phoebe Matthews

Phoebe is a fun, multilingual presenter and live host who is ideal for travel shows, kids TV and live events.

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Asher Jones 

Based in Dubai, Asher is a professional model and aspiring TV presenter 


Juliana Quintero

Fluent English and Spanish warm and fun loving presenter.


Jaz Franklin

Jaz Franklin is a professional Musical Theatre performer, Tv presenter and Pound Fit Instructor. 

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Olivia Attwooll-Keith

An aspiring newcomer to the world of TV, Olivia is a bright, bubbly and fun presenter ideal for audiences of all ages, especially younger...


Izzie Smith

Young, engaging bubbly presenter, ideal for entertainment and kids TV


Louise Schofield

Louise has been praised on her personable and energetic interview technique, presenting style and work ethic ...

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