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EMILY 14_pp_edited.png

Emily Robinson-Hardy

Emily is a fun and bubbly individual with a strong knowledge in a multitude of subjects.

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Kate Healy

A friendly, enthusiastic and diligent presenter 


thumbnail_KATIE 05_edited.png

Katie Noonan

Energetic, engaging, humorous presenter and writer with an expansive career in technology and retail.

FAY 2_edited.png

Fay Greenhalgh

A superb host with a charming personality, suitable for all ages.


Jaz Franklin

Jaz Franklin is a professional Musical Theatre performer, Tv presenter and Pound Fit Instructor and is passionate about travel! 

FRANCESCA H 1_edited.png

Francesca Harris

vivacious character brings a vibrant presence and my infectiously warm smile will light up any room.

SELINA 3_edited.png

Selina Makin

Selina is an established radio host with Asian Star Radio with a Journalism Degree and is looking for her new break into TV.

OLIVIA 05_edited.png

Olivia Attwooll-Keith

New to world of TV presenting, Olivia has a young fresh and bubbly personality, ideal for a younger audience ...


Lucy Faddoul

Lucy is a confident natural presenter, very coach-able with the ability to ad-lib when required.


Adora Oleh

Adora is a international Entertainment presenter with a wealth of experience and personality to match

Jackie Sampson presenter 2.png

Jackie Sampson

Jackie has a total passion for the good things in life!  A travel and lifestyle expert with over 28 years experience in these industries…


Chantelle Cowlishaw

Confident lifestyle presenter with charismatic energy




Natalie Neri

Natalie grew up playing professional tennis & reached the Top 10 in UK as well as being world ranked on the ITF & WTA circuits.


Harriet Flitten

Harriet is a confident natural presenter, very coach-able with the ability to ad-lib when required.


Kathryn Wilson

Kathryn is engaging, charismatic and passionate Presenter...


Izzie Smith

Young, engaging and vibrant presenter and ideal for Kids and entertainment ...

thumbnail_Georgia Kirkland Headshot 1_edited.png

Georgia Kirkland

Georgia is a newcomer to the world of TV Presenter and offers a fresh bubbly presenting style with a personality to match ...

asher 4_edited.png

Asher Jones

Based in Dubai, Asher is a professional model and aspiring TV presenter 


Radhika Shrama

Radhika is an experienced communications professional with a confident, warm and charismatic personality.



Emma Walker Santo

Commercial Model, Presenter, Mummy… loves to travel, Dance, Fitness.. Good Food !!


Khaoula Douirek

  • A general presenter who has recently graduated with honors from a Bachelor in Marketing 

PATRICIA 1_edited.png

Patricia Dhir

Patricia Dhir is a professionally qualified Personal Stylist and Colour Expert

ANNA 6_edited.png

Anna Fenn

A warm , vibrant and reassuring presenter from Ireland 

vic 6_pp_edited.png

Victoria Henrietta

A professional, experienced and articulate presenter who is fun, engaging and approachable


Mandy Aujla

With  strong presenting skills. Specializing in talk shows, everyday TV, reality shows, show-biz entertainment & more


Suzy Philpott

Suzy is a natural, energetic, and versatile presenter, who brings warmth and likeability to the screen.


Samantha Murray

Samantha Murray is a British Modern Pentathlete,  who wrote herself into history books as Olympic Silver Medallist in 2012


Jem Marshall

Jem is a multilingual (Spanish & Italian) Presenter with warmth, Charisma and energy ...


Joti Gata-Aura

Described as an energetic and motivational communicator, keen to raise the important issues that society faces today.


Susan Morris

Susan is a striking, accomplished, International Presenter. 

She presents invaluable Mental Health & Wellbeing Content in a unique manner.



Anna Bull

Anna is a modern new presenter, with a flair for the Arts ...


Eloise Hollywood-Powell

Young, charming and enthusiastic presenter Eloise is perfect for many areas in TV presenting 


Mick Rowe

Natural, charming and warm presenter with an ability to easily connect with people

MABEL 1_edited.png

Mabel Osejindu

An aspiring Children's TV Presenter who seeks to inspire a love of learning and curiosity for knowledge for all children.

thumbnail_Emily Roberts Headshot_edited.png

Emily Roberts

With a passion for mental health wellbeing and entertainment for a younger audience ...

DEB 7_edited.png

Debbie Harris

A versatile warm, and charismatic lifestyle and craft presenter


CAROLINE 3_edited.png

Caroline Scott

Caroline is an experienced, friendly, Irish television presenter and online creator based in London

FRAN 4_edited.png

Francesca Chantry

Francesca is a Wildlife Biologist and Wildlife Presenter. 


Glena Oyiadjo

Glena is a versatile and enthusiastic TV presenter, who is passionate about seeing people reach their fullest potential.


Alys Rivers

Alys is friendly, ambitious & outgoing. She is a dedicated performer & presenter with a love for all things travel.

SOPHIE 4_edited.png

Sophie Cloud

Sophie has an ambitious, vivacious and enthusiastic personality. 


Annabelle Canning

Annabelle is friendly, out going and personable, with a keen interest for all things fitness.


Leah Williams

Passionate, bubbly and dynamic presenter who has also written and produced on various shows.


 Lizzie Yiacoupis

A passionate engaging and charismatic Presenter with a natural ability to connect with people


Tilly Ayres

Passionate, bubbly, infectious and natural presenter who from a young age has mainly performed on stage.


Louise Schofield

Louise has been praised on her personable and energetic interview technique, presenting style and work ethic ..

CERYS 6_edited.png

Cerys Anwen Roberts

Cerys is a newcomer to the world of TV,  however she has a great deal of experience in live entertainment presenting and is perfect for a younger audience … 


Ellie Keele

A fun energetic and talented presenter, ideal for young audiences.


Remi Aiyela

Lawyer with extensive television presenting training and solid experience


Uella Campbell

General lifestyle presenter with an outgoing personality making her suitable for many onscreen engagement

ANA 4_edited.png

Anastasia Frangoulis

A young individual who is looking for a TV presenter position within a successful and a well known company.


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