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Samantha Blackwood

About Samantha



Sam is a versatile Dynamic TV Host / Presenter who is an  excellent communicator with a warm welcoming & engaging personality. She has the ability to draw her audience into whatever topic she’s discussing.  


A likability factor that transcends Genders, Genres & age inclusive Samantha is able to cover anything &  everything from daytime Tv / Travel & lifestyle / factual / Entertainment / Documentaries and more



After spending over 20 years in the health & leisure industry, Samantha is a Personal Assistant to a HNW individual & has over 30+ years of experience when conversing with the general public.


Sam has hosted charity Fundraisers, been the online face of a well known vacuum cleaner brand & has voiced over numerous radio commercials. 


Whatever project Samantha works on she will always bring her unique fresh & hardworking attitude to. 

  • General Lifestyle,

  • Music,

  • Travel,

  • Property,

  • Health & Beauty,

  • Food, 

  • Teen,

  • Entertainment,

  • Fashion,

  • Shopping TV,

  • Talkshow


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