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Simona Stankovska

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About Simona


 I’m a former journalist with a passion for travel, sport, cooking, music, and theatre. I am full of energy, always smiling, & love communicating with people and making them smile. I’m persuasive & build relationships with ease. 


 I have presented both internal and external learning videos for large corporates, interviewed guests on camera, and presented and moderated multiple panel discussions. I am a former financial journalist and have an eye for a news story.


  • General Lifestyle,

  • Music,

  • Travel,

  • Property,

  • Health & Beauty,

  • Food, Entertainment,

  • Corporate, Motors,

  • Current Affairs,

  • Motorsport,

  • Fashion,

  • Shopping TV,

  • Gameshows,

  • Talkshow, Sports

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