Cerys Anwen Roberts

Cerys is a newcomer to the world of TV,  however she has a great deal of experience in live entertainment presenting and is perfect for a younger audience … 

Lucy Faddoul

Lucy is a confident natural presenter, very coach-able with the ability to ad-lib when required.

Sophia Jessica

Fun, outgoing and bubbly personality, Jessica is perfect for Entertainment and Shopping TV ...

Jackie Sampson

I have a total passion for the good things in life! I’m a travel and lifestyle expert with 27 years experience in these industries ...

Mandy Aujla

With  strong presenting skills. Specializing in talk shows, everyday TV, reality shows, show-biz entertainment & more

Leah Williams

Passionate, bubbly and dynamic presenter who has also written and produced on various shows.

Lizzie Yiacoupis

A passionate engaging and charismatic individual with a natural ability to connect with people.

Remi Aiyela

Charismatic Presenter with a wealth of knowledge ...

Ellie Keele

A fun energetic and talented presenter, ideal for young audiences.

Joti Gata-Aura

Described as an energetic and motivational communicator, keen to raise the important issues that society faces today.

Claire Devine

Bright, bubbly and international broadcaster with experience in radio and TV ...