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Fiona Kavanagh

A passionate, dynamic & engaging presenter, with a specialist background in fitness & wellness.

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Lucy Edmunds

Lucy is a engaging and entertaining presenter with the ability to use humour and personality to draw audiences in.


Juliana Quintero

Fluent English and Spanish warm and fun loving presenter.

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Emily Robinson-Hardy

Emily is a fun and bubbly individual with a strong knowledge in a multitude of subjects.

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Debbie Harris

A charismatic and warm lifestyle and craft presenter 


Jaz Franklin

Jaz Franklin is a professional Musical Theatre performer, Tv presenter and Pound Fit Instructor. 

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Cerys Anwen Roberts

Cerys is a newcomer to the world of TV,  however she has a great deal of experience in live entertainment presenting and is perfect for a younger audience … 


Ellie Keele

A fun energetic and talented presenter, ideal for young audiences.


Mick Rowe

natural, charming and warm presenter with an ability to easily connect with people

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Maria Rosa

I am a London based Presenter who speaks English, German and Spanish fluently

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Beth Smith

Beth is a warm, confident and engaging presenter who is extremely knowledgeable and passionate with the world of beauty ...

NATALIA 5_edited.png

Natalia Volchugova

Upbeat, warm yet assertive style of presenting. Experienced public speaker and presenter ...

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Kate Healy

A friendly, enthusiastic and diligent presenter 

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Katie Noonan

Energetic, engaging, humorous presenter and writer with an expansive career in technology and retail.


Susan Morris

Susan is a striking, accomplished, International Presenter. 

She presents invaluable Mental Health & Wellbeing Content in a unique manner.

OLIVIA 05_edited.png

Olivia Attwooll-Keith

An aspiring newcomer to the world of TV, Olivia is a bright, bubbly and fun presenter ideal for audiences of all ages, especially younger...


Kathryn Wilson

Kathryn is engaging, charismatic and passionate Presenter...


Tasneem Nawaz

Tasneem loves sharing important messages. She’s started making and features in her own films about disability therapies


Michaela Rae

Michaela, a showbiz enthusiast and versatile conversationalist, effortlessly discusses food, travel, pets, Formula 1, and Rugby.

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Elvira Styles

Elvira Styles is a Comedy Presenter, Model and TikTok Social Media Star

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Simona Stankovska

Former journalist with a passion for travel, sport, cooking, music, and theatre.


Radhika Sharma

Radhika is an experienced communications professional with a confident, warm and charismatic personality.

CAROLINE 3_edited.png

Caroline Scott

Caroline is an experienced, friendly, Irish television presenter and online creator based in London

SELINA 3_edited.png

Selina Makin

Selina is an established radio host with Asian Star Radio with a Journalism Degree and is looking for her new break into TV.


Mandy Aujla

A bright newcomer to the world of TV and talk shows

Remni Aiyela.png

Remi Aiyela

Remi Aiyela is a solicitor, barrister and accredited mediator and holds a masters’ degree in law ...


Eloise Hollywood- Powell

Perfect newcomer to the world of tv presenting ..

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