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Rehema Muthamia

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About Rehema


Rehema is commercial model and presenter. 


Rehema is well acquainted with the media industry, both nationally and internationally, having served as Miss England 2021/22, gaining invaluable experience on TV, radio and live productions. 


Rehema is a CPD Accredited TV presenter, with a experience in live event hosting, and with a passion for entertainment; she has hosted panels and live events in the UK, USA and Kenya, including EXCEL London brand exhibitions, charity events and online productions.


With a background in theatre/stage school and a passion for fashion, travel, music and entertainment, Rehema is an all-round and marketable international talent.


Rehema is deeply involved in Women's Rights advocacy and is an ambassador for domestic abuse charity Solace, Rehema aims to also incorporate this social cause into some future work.

  • Solace: Live Event Panel Host

  • Artero Hair - Excel London: Live Presenter

  • Afro Hair & Beauty Live: Live Presenter

  • Eclipse Power Network: Corporate video presenter

  • Heartstyles: Corporate video presenter

  • General Lifestyle,

  • Music,

  • Travel,

  • Health & Beauty,

  • Science,

  • Entertainment,

  • Corporate,

  • Current Affairs,

  • Fashion,

  • Factual/Documentary


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