Adam Brooks

Fun, charismatic and engaging, Adam is the perfect pick for entertainment, travel & lifestyle presenting. 

Ross Bark

Hailing from Scotland, Ross is the perfect choice for Kids, Entertainment and lifestyle ...

Nate Pidcock

Young engaging and great fun presenter, ideal for younger audiences 

Carlos Byles

Carlos is a fun energetic and talented presenter with a wealth of skill and knowledge in his chosen areas ...

Danny Howard

Danny is a property developer and expert, hailing from London can offer hands on presenting in this field ...

Jonathan Blakeley

Professionally trained actor, writer and MC from Essex

Daniel Holly

Bubbling with personality, commentary and creativity, Daniel is ideal for many areas of TV ...

Darren Simons

A versatile, charismatic and engaging presenter, ideal for lifestyle presenting ...

Dan Blackwell

Young engaging entertainment presenter, bubbly and ideal for all light entertainment TV ...

Joseph Koniak

Engaging, charismatic and passionate Presenter in the World of fashion and beauty ...

Brian Carter Green

Exuding charm, confidence and versatility, both on stage and in front of the camera, an ideal contender for all TV presenter positions

Chris Felton

Chris is a youthful yet experienced presenter with 15 years already under his belt working in Radio, TV and Event Hosting.

Kevin G Cormack

An accomplished Actor, voice over artist  and presenter who has recently trained ...