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I am South African, Greek and Lebanese (with a strong South African English accent). I am currently studying a Masters in International Conflict Analysis at the University of Kent which I hope to complete in September 2017. Prior to this, I worked for 2 years as an investigative journalist for South Africa's longest running actuality program (similar to Panorama). I found stories ranging from Violin prodigies to Illegal Human Trafficking of Malawian sex workers.


My key interests are current affairs, sports (I have coached professional football at youth levels) and music (I play 9 instruments, 2 professionally). But most importantly, I love making friends and finding out about people's stories.


I think everyone needs to be heard, even if their views are not in line with the general rhetoric. I can't wait to bring those scripts to life!





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Current Affairs, Sports, Music




I have worked for two years as an investigative journalist for South Africa's most popular actuality show, Carte Blanche.


Much of the time , the research required me to work undercover, with hidden cameras and in dangerous situations. I interviewed people and personalities from every sector of society.


I have covered stories ranging from pedophiles, canned hunting and violin prodigies to mass human trafficking, Ebola and 3-D printing (For more information fo to


In addition, I am a professional musician on 5 instruments, accredited football coach, mixologist and band production manager - but my passion has and always will be presenting.  




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