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About Francesca

When it comes to food, you can never take the fun and enjoyment from Francesca. If I’m not talking about food, I’m eating it… and yes watch out because I’ll eat your leftover meal if it’s not eaten!  


My heart is at home cooking and family-inspired dishes that showcase my European and Middle Eastern roots. I use fresh, seasonal ingredients to craft up my unique, flavoursome but simple recipes that anyone can create. 


I am what what it says on the tin… well to my friends I’m called ‘scatty chicken’ because to them I’m bubbly, clumsy, and loves a bit of chicken! However my vivacious character brings a vibrant presence and my infectiously warm smile will light up any room.


In addition to sharing my passion for cooking, I created a TikTok page in September 2021 ‘cookingwithfranh’ and have 40,000 followers. I also work part time as a chef in Ottolenghi.


  • FOOD

Previous Experience

  • Cookingwithfranh TikTok Channel 40K + followers

  • Chef at Ottolenghi


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